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Emily Chinn, CVT

Marketing Director, Chief Cat Herder

About Emily

Emily is a graduate of Argosy University in Minnesota and has been a certified veterinary technician for 7+ years. Prior to joining The Social DVM team, Emily worked in specialty veterinary medicine exclusively. While her primary focus would end up being Oncology, second place favorites were Critical Care, Surgery, and Anesthesia. So don't ask her where that vaccine should go because she definitely won't know, but if your patient needs chemotherapy for their raging lymphoma or anesthesia run for that penetrating chest wall injury that just walked through the door, she's your girl! This passion would bring Emily to Vermont where she over saw the Oncology department as Team Lead, operated as Education Coordinator, and was awarded peer voted Technician of the Year in 2019.

Like many veterinary professionals, Emily experienced a slow and steady burn-out that came to a peak during the winter of 2020, so she stepped back from the veterinary side for a little while and moved into the human medical world for 1.5 years as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the University of Vermont. There she worked with lung cancer patients taking part in drug clinical trials, and marveled at how much she enjoyed working with/helping people.

Emily now lives on the opposite coast in Oregon with her partner, and their two pets: Milo, the half-jawed dopey yellow lab and Han, the smooshy tabby with a wonky eye. She enjoys gardening, eating anything and everything, paddle-boarding, leisurely hikes/walks with frequent stops to inspect different plants, trees and fungi (nerrrrrrd), memes, and live music. She is RECOVER CPR BLS/ALS Certified and a member of the Veterinary Cancer Society.

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