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Social Media and Marketing for Veterinary Professionals

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Social Media & Marketing for Veterinary Professionals 

A good marketing strategy is the difference between a thriving practice and a "surviving" practice.

Social Media and Marketing for Veterinary Professionals is a comprehensive resource for any member of the veterinary team looking to establish and grow a social media and marketing strategy for their practice. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this invaluable resource will ensure your practice is reaching not only existing clients but potential new clients.

Learn how to:

  • Set up and master any social media platform

  • Establish a positive online reputation

  • Communicate and market to clients via email

  • Plan, monitor, and track your campaigns

  • Ensure your practice is thriving and helping as many pets as possible with a successful social media and marketing plan.


Owner, City Paws Veterinary Clinic

Based on the recommendations of Social Media and Marketing for Veterinary Professionals I have grown my practice beyond my expectations using social media/online tools alone!  And BONUS….those “To Do” checklists you were going to make….already in there!

CEO, Vet2Pet

Social Media and Marketing is the first-ever, much needed guide for veterinary professionals that need a quick and easy way to maximize their business potential.

Eric Garcia
CEO, Simply Done Tech Solutions

This book will be a resource that practices can not only learn about marketing and the "why" but more importantly the "how-to".

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