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How Important is a Consistent Handle?

One word. VERY.

Simply put, a social media handle is a username, preferenced by the @ (AKA at symbol) and used on social media channels. Your handle allows others to find your business on social media by adding it to the tail end of any platform’s web address. For instance, the handle @thesocialdvm can be added to, or and properly direct you to our pages. You may also see this referred to as claiming a vanity URL.

​So why is it so important to have consistent handles across all social media platforms? Your social media handle is a huge part of your branding when it comes to online marketing. It creates a clear, unique identifier of your practice and brand. Ideally, a strong and memorable handle will be easy for your clients and customers to remember and tie back to your business no matter where they are searching.

In addition, having a single unique handle will allow you to market more effectively. Simply add the “@yourvetclinic” to business cards, brochures and client materials for a universal result.

Some things to consider when creating your social handle:

  1. Keep it short! The longer the name, the harder it is to remember!

  2. If it is a personal brand, try @firstnamelastname

  3. If it is for a business, use the same as your domain name if possible.

  4. Avoid using numbers in your handles (ex: @companyname1) to keep a professional appearance

  5. Want to check multiple sites at once to see what’s available? Check out a tool like to simultaneously test your handle across all the channels.

The bottom line? When creating a social media handle, it is important to try, whenever possible, to be consistent across channels that allow you to customize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and even Google Business.

Be creative, but be concise! In some cases, a username you want may already be taken, and you can then decide if you want to have multiple handles or choose a new one that will apply across all channels.

Have questions? Need help coming up with a social handle? We are just an email away!

-The Social DVM Team

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