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Creating a Direct Google Review Link

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave you a glowing five-star review by creating a direct one-click link. ​

Here’s how: ​


  1. Sign into your Google Business account. If you're already signed into a Google service you can also access your business profile by "Googling" your practice name or accessing your listing from Google Maps.

  2. Click on the "Ask for Reviews" icon in the menu or the "Get more reviews" card just beneath.

  3. Hit the “copy” icon to copy your short URL to share with your customers for more reviews! ​

Once you have your link, throw it to the masses! Embed it on your website, include it in post-visit surveys and communication, and share it on social media along with your latest five-star review.

Good luck! If you need more help, check out our Google Business course, the latest from Google directly, or send us an email.

-The Social DVM team


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