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Increase Your Followers and Reviews with This Change to Your Practice Email

Increase your social media followers and positive reviews with this one change to your clinic email account.

Every clinic sends dozens of emails every day. From appointment confirmations to diagnostic test results to acknowledging receipt of records, our practice is appearing in inboxes across our communities every day.

Email communication with our clients is free, easy and accessible regardless of your practice management system software (or lack thereof). Why not take advantage of this opportunity and give your clients a one-click method to not only respond to your email but also connect with your social media channels and review sites? Email signatures give practices this solution in a variety of creative formats. Email signatures, or the block of text that appears at the end of your emails, generally include a sender’s name, email address, business contact or website. They can be saved and automatically appear with nearly all email providers. Grab the directions for Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo inboxes. In our case, email signatures can be customized to include not only the practice’s contact information, but also links to our social media sites and review sites (Google, Yelp, Nextdoor, etc). You could also consider, based on the way you set up your signature, an appointment booking link or other call to action statement and link. For instance, every email you send could close with something that looks like this:

You can make your practice’s signature as simple or fancy as you’d like. I’ve used tools like the free HubSpot email signature generator, the free version or a low-cost version from WiseStamp. Or you could simply hyperlink your social sites in the text of your signature.

Personally, for most practices I would recommend providing one-click links to your Facebook and Instagram channels and a call-to-action statement and link to visit your review site on your website (hopefully this page has links to all of your review sites). If you don’t have that page on your website, no problem - simply substitute your direct Google or Facebook review link.

Data exists to support that email signatures do actually generate interest and catch the reader’s eye (check out cool research and eye-movement analytics here). Take advantage of this opportunity to give your readers an easy way to contact you, connect with you on social, review your practice, and so much more.

Happy signing, Caitlin DeWilde, DVM

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