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Maximizing Your Instagram Bio Link

Author: Caitlin DeWilde, DVM

If you’re an Instagram user, you may have seen the phrase “link in bio” as a common ending to Instagram captions, and even seen as an Instagram Sticker on stories.

Unlike its Facebook sibling, Instagram allows accounts with only ONE clickable link that lives in your profile’s bio…...and doesn't allow ANY on individual posts. So if your post comes with a call to action– like “Book Your Pet’s Appointment,” “Check Out Our Website” or “Read Our Tips on the Blog”-- you can’t provide the direct clickable link in the caption. You have to encourage them to click off the post and into your profile to get the “Link in Bio.”

So how can practices maximize their ONE link– and how do you choose what URL to use? The practice’s website is an obvious and easy choice, but if you have a specific post promoting a particular service, your online booking page or even an outside website link (think leaving a review!), you might find yourself yearning for more options to link to so your clients go DIRECTLY where you want them to….but there’s a solution!

Instagram link in bio tools can take your single link and transform it into a site with multiple clickable links. For instance, check out my bio link, or this practice’s, or this one.

A Google search will quickly give you multiple options for link in bio tools, ranging in price and customization ability. While I haven’t tried them all, I will show you my favorite solutions I’ve tried for my practice and those of my practice clients.

Best in Class: Create Your Own Page on Your Practice Website

Ideally, if you have access to your own website and/or a rockstar, quick-to-respond web developer, you’d make a page on your own website. That way, it matches your branding and website feel, and users are already on your site– not another website– if they need something else. Take a peek at this one for an example. The downside here is that if you don’t manage/have access to your own website, adding links or changing them might be delayed if you have to send changes to a webmaster. However, if you don’t plan on this happening often, it may be a great option.

Best Simple & Sweet Option:

Linktree has been a solid solution for several years, and I’ve used the free version with success. Set up your account and check it out at The free account allows for unlimited links, and some customization to help come close to your branding. You can take even more control of the appearance (match your exact colors and fonts, remove the Linktree logo) with a paid account starting at $5/month or $48/year. Click here for an example.

Best “Landing Page Look” Option: Buffer’s Start Page

I’m a big fan of Buffer for scheduling purposes anyway, but they recently unveiled Buffer Start Page as an additional “channel.” Start Page is free for users with 3 social platforms or less, or available on paid accounts for another $5/month. The difference is that in addition to the clickable buttons and customization options, you can also add images and videos– effectively creating your own landing page instead of just a page o’ buttons. Click here for an example!

Best “DIY” Option: Free Canva Template

If you don’t want to pay for a service and don’t mind a little elbow grease, you can actually create your own Instagram bio link with Canva (Pro account required)! We created this template for you– simply copy and get to work! Swap out a photo from your practice, and drag and drop your logo into the circle. Change the name of your practice, and any of the button titles. Once you're done, click on each button and click the link button in the top right to link it to its respective site. When you're all finished, click "Publish as Website" and add this link to your Instagram bio link!

Once you choose your tool, set it up, grab your shiny new link and add it to your Instagram bio. Just in case, directions are here:

How to put a link in an Instagram bio

  1. Go to your practice’s Instagram profile

  2. Tap “Edit Profile”

  3. Scroll down to the “website” field

  4. Add the URL to your desired landing page OR Instagram link in bio tool

  5. Save changes (click “done” or “submit” depending on your device)

Test it on both mobile and desktop devices and you’re off and running!

Happy linking,


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