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Streamlining Veterinary Prescriptions: The Ultimate Refill QR Code Hack

Quick note before we dive in- these are the DIY instructions. If you’re looking for DFY (Done-For-You Solution), order these stickers from TheSocialDVM in our online store.

We've all felt the frustration—pets on critical medications, and owners scrambling for refills at the eleventh hour. It's a dance we've done too often and one that we're ready to retire. Our answer? A dedicated, DIY online form for prescription refills, available around the clock at, and a handy QR code that reminds them every time they open their pet’s meds that this method is THE WAY they can refill.

This isn't just about convenience; it's about care continuity. By creating an online refill request form on our website, clients can request a refill 24/7, which is great, especially for those pet owners who only realize when they give their pet’s last evening dose after our closing time.

In addition to this accessibility, clients can detail how their pet is responding to the medication, specify the quantity needed, and choose their preferred notification method for when the prescription is ready. This information is downloaded or copied into the pet's medical record, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date health history.

For many teams that have tried this method, it's a breath of fresh air. These requests arrive in the front desk email (or if using Jotform, an online submission table is also available), allowing team members to batch process them efficiently—reducing phone calls, saving precious time, and minimizing the chance of errors. It's a win-win: clients maintain their pets' medication compliance, and we interact with them on their terms.

To integrate this system into your practice, try these simple steps:

  1. Create an Online Form: Work with your website developer to build a user-friendly form on your clinic's website. Alternatively, DIY with free online form makers like Jotform or Google Forms. Here is a form template our team created in Jotform to help you get started.

  2. Once the form is published, making the page address or redirect is something quick and easy to remember, like

  3. Make sure the submissions are coming to your preferred team email address.

  4. Generate a QR Code to that URL: Using Canva, we crafted a QR code that links directly to our refill page. It's a tech-savvy touch that clients love. Here’s the template you can use- just replace it with your QR code.

  5. Print the 'Scan to Refill' stickers: We printed these QR codes on round, eye-catching stickers that fit directly on the top of our pill vials. Here's a link to the stickers we used. Coming in at a penny a pop, this was far more economical than custom-printed lids.

  6. Apply to Medication Vials: These stickers adorn the tops of all pill vials, especially those for daily medications like NSAIDs, thyroid, and allergy control. It's a daily nudge for clients, reminding them of the easiest way to secure a refill.

- Caitlin DeWilde, TheSocialDVM

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