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Verify Your Clinic Location with Apple Maps

With more than 120 million iPhone users, and an estimated 77% of users getting directions from a navigation app, making sure your practice is properly represented on navigation apps like Apple Maps is a no-brainer.

Truthfully, your business is likely already listed on Apple Maps. The platform pulls data- including location, contact info, hours, and reviews- from Yelp and other online databases.

I’ve found most practices do not need to worry about this service, but that brand new construction, startup practices, and practices that have moved locations need to do so in order to give Apple the right information about their practice.

Relying on other platforms to provide the best and most up-to-date information may lead to missed opportunities or worse-- frustrated (or lost) clients. Registering your business with Apple Maps is a quick effort that is well worth the time, particularly for new practices or those who have moved.

Setting up your practice on Apple’s Maps platform, Apple Business Connect, is a one-time set-it-and-forget-it task (assuming you don’t move or change your hours). The platform brings practices the following advantages:

  • Ensuring correct address, hours, and contact info

  • Adding photos that best represent your practice and team

  • Cross-checking with Apple Calendar/other apps

  • Incorporating Yelp reviews

  • Create a showcase of highlighted services/photos

  • Additional insights on when and where clients view your practice information

Here’s the how-to:

2. Sign in with your Apple ID (if your practice doesn’t already have one, create a free one for your practice with the general practice email address).

3. “Find & Claim Your Place” by entering your clinic name and location.

4. Apple Business Connect will automatically pull your clinic info, including your phone number, hours, website, address, and photos, from your profile if you have one. Assuming it's found the right business, click "Claim This Place.”

5. Follow the prompts to confirm or add your hours, contact info, payment options and even social media links.

6. You'll have to "answer a call" to officially verify your business. You'll have to be at your clinic and able to answer the phone of the main number for your business. You can skip this step and come back to it if needed. When you're at the clinic and ready, click the "call me now" button and be ready to answer. Literally just a second later, we received the call and a 4 digit code to enter. Enter your code and click "done."

7. Final verification will allow you to drag the location pin to the exact location of your practice’s front door on the map

8. When you’re done, click "Submit for Review." You're done!

9. You should receive an email confirming that you have submitted your info properly, and another when your edits are confirmed.

Happy Navigating,

-The Social DVM Team

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