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Are Facebook Ads Worth the Cost? A Powerful Tool, in the Right Hands

by Caitlin DeWilde, DVM | Trends® Magazine

It’s no secret that Facebook has become a pay-to-play platform. Without spending money on Facebook advertising (via boosted posts or native ads), it’s likely that your practice’s page doesn’t enjoy the same level of client engagement or bring the same value to your social media return on investment it once did.

However, frequent changes to Facebook’s advertising options, ad placement, and bidding strategies sometimes make it difficult to know the best way to use your advertising dollars. This leads us to the question, “Are Facebook ads worth the cost?” The answer? Yes . . . and no. Confused? Read on!

The Argument for “Yes”

What a time to be alive. At no other point in the history of advertising and marketing could you target your ideal potential clients and your existing clients for as little as one dollar a day with no minimum, and have the ability to split-test your messaging and fine-tune your results (or simply pull the plug) on a moment’s notice with no penalty. No need for expensive designers—advertisements can be created for little to no cost with a smartphone-captured photo or custom graphics created with free design websites and apps. Facebook will even provide copious amounts of data so you can learn even more about who is engaging with your content—their age, their gender, their device, their zip code, and more, all for free!

But Not If . . .

Many practices (and businesses in general) may not find success with their Facebook advertising. Facebook ads are not worth the cost if your practice is doing any of the following.