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Claiming Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Make it easier for your colleagues, prospective employers and clients to find you with a unique and consistent web address (URL) on both LinkedIn personal profiles and Company Pages.

Personal Profile URLs Claiming your custom personal URL is simple and adds credibility and professionalism to your profile. You can start by simply clicking here and clicking the “edit your custom URL section” in the top right hand corner. Alternatively,

  1. Click the “Me” icon on your LinkedIn homepage.

  2. Click “View Profile”

  3. Click “Edit Public Profile and URL” on the upper right hand side

  4. Under “Edit Your Custom URL,” click the edit icon next to your public profile URL.

Either way, the end result will be something like

A few pointers:

  • Your URL can contain 5-30 letters or numbers, but no spaces, symbols or special characters (or mine would have a dog and cat emoji).

  • Best practice: stick with your name or professional brand, since it’s likely you’ll be sharing this URL with prospective clients, employers and colleagues

  • You can change it- but only five times in six months. Changing it may make it harder for people to find you in the future, especially if they’ve saved a business card or other communication with your old URL.

Company Page URLs Custom URLs allow clients and employees to find your page more easily while adding to the strength and awareness of your brand. If you have a company page for your veterinary practice, you can easily claim a custom URL. Instead of the default jumble of letters and numbers, your custom LinkedIn URL will look like To claim or edit your Linkedin Page URL:

  1. Sign in to LinkedIn and navigate to your company Page

  2. Click on “Admin Tools” in the top right-hand corner

  3. Select “Public URL”

  4. Select your username and click “save changes.” ​

A few pointers:

  • URL addresses are subject to availability, so if yours is already taken you may have to resort to your second choice.

  • You can’t change your URL more than once in a 30 day period, so be sure you’re happy with your choice (and type carefully!)

  • The URL and Page Name (e.g. Your Veterinary Clinic or The Social DVM) must be similar. For instance, I couldn’t change the URL of The Social DVM to (although it would be cool if I could).

Having trouble? Learn more directly from Linkedin here (personal profile) and here (company page), or shoot us an email! Want to know more about LinkedIn and how to make it work for you? Check out our on-demand course for all things LinkedIn! -The Team at The Social DVM

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